MHMFG carries a fine reputation in various industries and markets such as:

  • Energy
  • Industrial
  • Commercial

Often times, we manufacture custom metal components and products that will eventually be incorporated at petrochemical plants, paper mills, and power stations, etc.

Whether its new construction, repair, or aftermarket work, we can provide your metal fabrication needs!

Below are some examples to show both the simplistic and complexity in the scope of work we have performed:

A cooling tower company is constructing and installing a new set of cooling tower cells. The framework of these structures requires various metal components. We are asked to provide thousands of bolt spacers and connecting straps in various sizes. Also, the cooling towers use power-driven fan motors to induce draft. The fans and motors require structural support frames. We provide the frames (stainless or other specified material) and mounting hardware.

A chimney contractor is building a new concrete stack for a power company. We provide the metal sheets to allow the contractor to form the concrete. Once completed, the chimney now requires test ports, a cap, and guttering made from high-corrosion resistant alloys. We provide all these needs.


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